How To Start A Blog

Get Paid For Your Ideas

Throughout the years we’ve noticed a huge gap between successful bloggers and the average business owner failing to grow their revenue and influence in the marketplace.

Our case studies reveal that business owners and marketers (mistakenly) have a preconceived notion that blogging is very time consuming and has a low return on investment, but contrary to popular belief, professional bloggers generate at least four (4) to five (5) figures per month or $1,000 PER DAY!

Viral Blogging Academy is here to bridge the gap for failing business owners and marketers. This isn’t just about blogging, it’s about building a profitable blog faster, better, and smarter.

Your blog can be a super powerful marketing tool when it has a foundation built on real business fundamentals and passion. Your passion is like a magnet, using the Law Of Attraction on your target audience, as you magnetically attract them to solutions that resolve their problems.

Your main focus is becoming the (Trusted) Adviser in your market. As the (Trusted) Adviser, you’re seen as “the expert” and you’ll magnetically attract a flood of your ideal customers.

We provide tons of training, tools, and resources for you to bridge the gap between blogging and business. You can use our system to build your blog, grow your business, and profit with a platform designed to build authority and influence in your marketplace for network marketers, affiliate marketers, experts, writers, and speakers.

Viral Blogging Academy Overview

The training and resources available inside of our system is designed to help you along your journey:

1 – Viral Blogging System

Viral Blogging System is a complete branding station with (done-for-you) capture pages, sales videos, and order forms that help you make money.

2 – Acceleration Training

Nine (9) video training series that teaches you how affiliate marketing works and exactly what you need to do to get into profit FAST.

3 – Next Level Mastermind

Weekly transformational mastermind (LIVE) focused on business and mindset that will help you create your dream lifestyle.

4 – Kalatu Cloud PRO

Complete contact manager, email marketing system, social media automation tools, and video hosting (all-in-one) system setup instantly.

5 – Podcast

The official podcast for Viral Blogging Academy is called Inner Circle. You can access the audio library online and download the audios.

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